Surprise? $2.19 Billion “Obamaphone” Program Abused By Ineligible Participants

Time to end bloated government programs such as the Universal Service Fund, Obamaphones, and supposedly means tested welfare programs that now have 100 million people on the government dole.

Congress is finally getting involved in reining in one of the government’s most bloated programs, the $9.3 billion Universal Service Fund, which is responsible for saddling telephone bills with an inscrutable array of taxes and fees. People have to pay more to keep in touch with friends and family because the government is raising cash to buy Obamaphones.

These are the devices made famous in an election-year YouTube video featuring a woman explaining her ballot-box choice. “Keep Obama as president,” she said, “he gave us a phone.” Officially, it’s known as the Universal Service Fund’s Lifeline program, something that has more than doubled in size from $822 million to $2.1 billion under President Obama. The flood of new money has covered the cost of hiring vendors to stand outside welfare offices and sign up people for “free” high-tech smartphones. Companies on the dole also set up websites enticing the public to get their “free government cellphones” online. [Read More At Washington Times]

Original Obamaphone Lady: Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone


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