MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Left Speechless by GOP Congressman’s Obamacare Admission

What was supposed to a discussion on MSNBC Tuesday over the effects of the government shutdown on military veterans’ families became a tense argument about the news media’s coverage on Obamacare, and even left the news anchor speechless.

The back and forth took place between Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) and Andrea Mitchell.

“You need Jon Stewart on Comedy Central to ask [Health and Human Services Kathleen] Sebilius, ‘Hey, why won’t you treat these two equally,’ and she can’t answer it,” Duffy said. “That’s how pathetic I think news reporting has become when we won’t ask tough questions to the administration.”

  • Terusa Farms

    Andrea Mitchell appears to be on some sort of drug, perhaps it’s the Kool Aid that Obama has been serving her. She keeps missing every important point as if her only purpose is to belittle and place blame. This is not reporting, but it does shed light on how ridiculous the mainstream media is for reporting nothing but propoganda and nothing of truth.

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  • Rayco

    Always knew she was, she just proved it is all…..#unt


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