BREAKING: Congressional Democrats Give WH 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Disaster

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Congressional Democrats have reportedly given the president 72 hours, until Friday, to do something significant about the disastrous health care roll-out. Otherwise, they claim they are ready to join Congressional Republicans on an Obamacare fix.

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  • prtyfdup

    Piers, go home. They did both answer you. You however, didn’t like the answers.

  • Paul Bushay

    I’ll believe this when it happens not before

  • Ann

    It’s quite a show now!

  • Art Mettle

    it’s about dam time

  • michael


    • jane

      lol,,,,, you shouldnt use the cvnts pic as yours. she is now crying about being cyber bullied. i read her cry baby story. if she had left it alone it would of eventually went away.

  • Dan Wiziarde

    Obama couldn’t get it right in 3 years and the Dems are giving him 3 days to fix it? This sounds like Democratic reasoning. Just repeal it and work with the House Republicans to come up with a real solution. And this time, before you pass it, read it and let the American people know what is in it. Make is good enough so that people, including government employees, want to have it.

    • evWith7

      “And this time, before you pass it, read it”

      The ACA was read over and over and over again. They knew what was in it when it passed. Republicans read every page, tore every sentence apart. How do you think the death panels talking point came about? Because of some wording they saw they could twist, that’s how. You don’t just open the bill and find something like that, you have to look.

      When Pelosi said they had to pass it to see what will be in it, she was saying the bill was so fiercely debated over that what could be in the bill one day might be taken out the next. The final bill at that point was yet to be determined because of this constant back and forth.

      • Freeman Baker

        This new bill on HEALTH CARE should be written in plain language so everybody can (could) understand what it says and not like the party of the first part will not infringe on the party of the second part bull sh**it or go to paragraph subparagraph 2b to find out what paragraph 3c means.

        1. If you like your present health plan, you can keep your present plan, if you want to keep it, do nothing.

        2. This plan covers Hospital part A and Medical part B, if you want Medication coverage part D coverage check here.

        Simple straight forward words, nothing more, nothing less.

        • DirtDiver76

          You mean written in simple language, much like the Constitution was originally written? In a format that a 6th grader (in 1787) could easily understand? Hmmm, maybe, but since the vast majority of Americans seem to be less educated that colonists were back then, I’m afraid that outside of using all slang to write the bill, or keeping it to a maximum of 4 words… is just not an option that will work.

      • David Michael Turner
      • David Paulson

        It may have been frequently debated, but if all two thousand pages were actually read, why did Pelosi say that they had to pass it so that they could find out what’s in it? As I understand things, the bill didn’t follow the normal flow of committees and floor debates. It was written by a special interest group and slipped into the docket.

      • Patrick Mumford

        If they knew what was in it the entire time then why were they all surprised to find Iowa Senator Grassley’s bit in there that Congress had to give up their federally subsidized healthcare insurance and go through the ACA?

  • Thomas Williams

    I hope this is true or is it a ploy to blame the right winged side for obamacare failure?
    Democrats are just worried about their jobs! That is the only reason they are saying this.
    The kool-aid drinkers knew that obamacare jack up for the past 3 yrs. Now the liberal turds are afraid
    they will not get re-elected.
    obama has got to go, obama has got to Go, obama has got To Go, obama has Got To Go, Along With The Other
    Liberal Democrats!!

  • rdancy

    I don’t trust the Democratic Regime, they are masters at deception. I’d like to hear them say the Republican’s were right all along!

  • Kevin Graul

    seems to me that many of the dems are up for re-election and now they want to act as if they care about their constituents so they can be re-elected, they should have been looking out for the AMERICAN people in the first place!

  • Drusilla Absher

    or what? will they stop the whole thing or just talk about it some more and do nothing….

  • Terry Looney

    Do the Dems actually think the exalted one gives a shit about their threats. OBOOBOO doesn’t care. When it finally gets to hot for him he will simply abolish the Congress and the Supreme Court, declare Marshal Law( or is it Sharia Law) then order his pussy Generals that are afraid to stand up to him to move on the people. You say it can’t happen? Who was that guy in Russia that took out the Czars? And wasn’t there an Austrian Corporal of The National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI) that did something just like that and then he sent all those Jews to concentration camps and executed them? I wonder what kind of United Nations camp all of the patriotic conservative Americans will be sent to.

    • William Shultz

      First off, they are not Democrats, they are tree hugging liberal crybabies. As a democrat I have always said that if they are up for reelection, then they ‘re part of the problem. And conservatives are no better. They all had years to fix or nix the plan and no one did a damn thing. Repeal it, rewrite it, and punish the insurance companies for jacking their rates. Then let the people vote to see if they want odumacare.

      • DixieAngel_76

        Uh, in case you forgot, not one republican voted for this disaster. Repeat; not one. And last I checked pretty much ALL of the democrats are liberals.

        • William Shultz

          That is where you are either mistaken or misled. Not all democrats are liberals. I own guns and a chainsaw. I do not hug trees and am not a crybaby. I believe that if you want something then earn it. I believe that needing welfare is not a crime but staying on it is. Everyone needs help once in awhile, but then you move on. Most republicans I know feel the same but the conservatives would rather people starve or just go away. The conservatives and teabaggers might not have voted for odumacare, but they had 3 years to block it. Why wait til the last moment?

          • Ruth

            I was with you for the first half of your message, then you went off track, We do not want anyone to starve, but there are community programs and Church programs that do a good job for a lot less money.

            Dixie Angel did not say All democrats were liberal. He/she said MOST.

            This bill started in the Senate which was illegal. The House is supposed to do the funding of any bill. If they decide not to fund it, that is legal.

            No Republican voted for it. How else where they supposed to stop it, They were just out voted by the democrats.

            We are also for getting the budget under control. That means quit thinking up new ways to spend money that we don’t have. When they raise the debt ceiling, they think that is so that they can add a new program that costs more money. For one thing, stop the foreign aid to countries that hate us,especially when we have to borrow to do it.

            NO AMNESTY. We need to put legal Americans to work first.

          • William Shultz

            Sorry about that, I tend to rant when I feel I am being put in with liberals who want to steal from Peter to pay Paul. I do agree with what you say about curbing our federal spending. We are paying out too much to country’s who do not like us and the way things are going probably never will. It is like with the military; they want to cut spending but are paying civilians a higher wage then they are soldiers who can do the same job. Why? They are also blocking oil drilling to keep their green energy policy going.Why? We are the cleanest nation on the planet, but we do not create jobs that would feed thousands because something might be living in the same area. It seems to me that one political party wants to entitle and the other want to subsidize. As long as we have any ofe current people in Washington we will never have the problems fixed. There needs to be new blood with term limits who will follow our constitution and really work for the people.

          • Patrick Mumford

            William you sure sound like a lot of conservatives I know.

          • William Shultz

            Lol, my brothers says we are either demicans or repubocrats. I get a lot of my ways out of a series of books written by William Johnstone. It is the Out Of The Ashes series. The political system is basic. Do a crime and pay for it. You want something, work for it. If you can not work then you are taken care of, but that is mostly the real your or real old. Having a gun was not a luxury by a right and anyone old or young enough to carry a weapon was part of the military. They had the lowest crime rate ever, and the highest employment rate. The books were actually banned by the government for awhile because they make sense. Until the last few that were ghost written after Johnstone had died.
            We could be a stand alone continent if Canada and Mexico would come on board and be self sufficient with no need of anything outside our borders. And anymore that is an American view, not a left or right one.

          • Patrick Mumford

            Political views from a series of fictional books? Why the heck not. I can agree with most of what you said. Toss in small government that has a main job of national defense and I’ll join you. I used to think I’m not a typical conservative, I don’t think the Fed should be deciding who can marry whom or what a woman does with her body, as long as taxpayer money isn’t funding it. These are social issues and the Fed has no business making those decisions for us. But I’m discovering more conservatives feel the same way. Fiscal responsibility should be a goal for all of us. Nice discussing this with you William, best of luck to you and yours.

          • William Shultz

            Abortion is always and will always be a touchy subject. I am against them except in certain cases like rape, or the woman’s health. Using it as a form of birth control should be a felony. It is murder plain and simple.

            Most liberals also think they can take guns away from the public and a lot of conservatives fear that the liberals work do it. That will never happen with out the military backing them and they have some of the biggest arsenals.

            Liberals want to enable generations of people on welfare and everyone one else, that would be the true democrats, republicans, conservatives, and tea partiers, are tired of all the money going to these people who will not work period but they seem to think they need cell phones, and drugs, and beer, and fancy cars. Enough already.

            I guess I am just an American who want this to be “the land of the free” once again. Would be a shame if it took a major natural disaster to make so. But hurricane Katrina show all of us one thing. In a bad situation people will die because they will either wait for the government, or be just to lazy to walk out of it to get what they need.

            Pat has been good discussing with you also. Take care.

          • Dan Wiziarde

            William, I think we have more in common than what separates us. I found a voice in the TEA party. I know so many good people now who hold and share my political beliefs. It is difficult for me not to defend them when I hear the media and members of both major parties telling lies about what we supposedly believe. The TEA party scared and continues to scare the daylights out of Democrats and RINO republicans. The 2010 elections showed what a true grassroots effort could do.

          • Dan Wiziarde

            William, Conservatives and the TEA party did not wait until the last moment as you suggest. What do you think the 2010 elections were about. The conservatives who were swept into office, largely by the grassroots efforts of the TEA party, were sent there to get rid of Obamacare. Because many believed in their mandate and worked for the repeal of Obamacare they have been demonized by the Democrats, the establishment GOP and the WH. Most of the things you say you believe should make you right at home at any TEA party event. I personally have never met the Republicans or “teabaggers” you say want the poor to starve or just go away. The poor will always be among us. But, since LBJ started the War on Poverty, poverty and the poor in America have increased. There are people who cannot care for themselves and those are the people we should be caring for. However, most of the poor today could be working. The TEA party believes in smaller, less intrusive government. We believe that government regulation stifles business and limits job growth. We believe that a strong, robust economy is the best cure for poverty and unemployment in America. We do not believe that you can GIVE someone prosperity. If you believe the things you say you do but are still calling us “teabaggers” you are obviously swallowing the propaganda from the Democrats, the establishment GOP and the WH. While I am sure there are people who would be considered rich in the TEA party, the overwhelming majority that I have met and communicated with make less than 75k a year. I personally make less than 40k. We are people that believe the American dream is earned and that it is not an entitlement. But we also understand that for the poor to work their way out of poverty, they have to have opportunity. I suppose you are right in a way. We do want the poor to go away. But our solution is to create an environment that will allow them to rise out of poverty to any level of success they want to achieve. Given what you say you believe, I think you would agree with all of these things. If you have never been to a TEA party meeting I suggest you go. You just might meet some like minded people and make some friends.

          • William Shultz

            When I first started hearing about a “Tea Party” I was intrigued. But then they jumped on the conservative bandwagon instead of staying separate. And some of my friends were thinking the same way. My dislike for conservatives goes back to Reagan. There were no jobs. We never saw anything trickle down but shit. Raising a family while he was in office was hard. I can imagine it is just as hard today and I feel for the young couples trying. But back to the Tea Party, if they ed separate their own agenda I truly believe they would have more people backing them. I am not against republicans. If Collin Powell would have run for office I would have voted for him. At this point I am for the lesser of the two evils. Well Oduma slipped one n on a lot us and I will willingly admit I made a mistake. But who do we vote for in the next election? I am sorry but for me it will have to be new blood from left or right because I do not trust or like anyone in dc at this time.

          • Patrick Mumford

            The original Tea Party was all about small government and fiscal responsibility. The left has been very successful in painting it with the Religious Right mantra and that’s too bad. It could have been successful.

          • William Shultz

            I agree.

  • DixieAngel_76

    Let them put their money where their big fat mouths are. Otherwise I don’t believe it for a minute. By the way, Dems, the only ‘fix’ we citizens will get behind is total repeal. Just so you know.

  • scootersbikeshop

    Democraps think by fixing obamacare they will get back in good graces with the public. WRONG, We will never forget what they have put us thru. We will get congress back after the 2014 elections.

    • Adam L.

      I really hope you’re right, scooter. Cheers.

  • jane

    sweet, i hope it gets thrown out. my husband got a call an hour ago. my hubby, the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate got a call this morning. because of this obama mess they are sending a nurse and i believe a dr out to see him. my hubby is a recovering cancer patient and has health problems caused by the chemo treatments he got. well it has started. the govt is sticking their nose in peoples personal business. i will be damned if they think they will come here and tell us how to live. i just might make them set thier ass’s on the porch and talk to him. this way they cant let any of their bug size drones lose in my house. i see one of them things i will stomp it till its busted. i am not going to play games with the govt and their controling socialist bull shit. my family came to the united states in 1620 and fought every war this country has had. they and millions of others have fought and died for our rights.

  • Cheryl

    We don’t want a fix. Obamacare deserves a full repeal. I’m sure there are Republicans thinking they have a better plan, but the best plan is Washington not being involved in our health care choices. Citizens need to be outspoken in their demands for a full repeal. You can start by defunding, then work to repeal it. That would give the Republicans the boost they need. I hope they are bright enough to recognize what is readily apparent to the rest of us.

  • Bill Wood


  • jeepers71

    this is where they come in and say that the only way to fix it is with a single payer system

  • Mark Trusty

    Obama in 72 hours will announce that he is listening to the people and to save the day will go to the single payer system.

  • ronb28135

    The only way for Obamacare to be fixed is for the U.S. to deregulate all aspects of the healthcare industry. Deregulation works pretty darned good in the telephone and trucking industries. It’ll work great in healthcare.

    Leave it to the Establishment Republicans to ignore this most obvious fix in favor of their brand of government interference in our healthcare. When will the RNC step aside, stop interfering, and let the innovators like Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Kerry Bentivolio and their real Republican allies do their thing in strangling the federal leviathan.

    Also it would help keep America on a constitutional keel if Roberts and Kagan were impeached and removed from SCOTUS for their part in legitimizing Obamacare by lying and declaring it constitutional.


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