Obama Administration Caught Red-Handed In ANOTHER Scandal

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The Obama Administration leaked “fake” employment data according to a bombshell report by the New York Post. Remember that the employment dropped dramatically from 8.1 to 7.8 in the run up to the election, raising the ire amongst many conservatives.

The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.


And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it.


Just two years before the presidential election, the Census Bureau had caught an employee fabricating data that went into the unemployment report, which is one of the most closely watched measures of the economy.

Sources are saying it’s gone well beyond a couple rogue employees. This goes all the way to the top.

And a knowledgeable source says the deception went beyond that one employee — that it escalated at the time President Obama was seeking reelection in 2012 and continues today.


“He’s not the only one,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous for now but is willing to talk with the Labor Department and Congress if asked.


The Census employee caught faking the results is Julius Buckmon, according to confidential Census documents obtained by The Post. Buckmon told me in an interview this past weekend that he was told to make up information by higher-ups at Census.


Ironically, it was Labor’s demanding standards that left the door open to manipulation.

Obama Election “Unease” 3 Issues Surface IRS, Obamacare & Jobs Numbers

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  • Mark Apgar

    Impeach. Obama now and give him some jail time too

    • mixed metaphors

      he can be the head Muslim in his cell block

      • imapayne

        Wow, so much hate. Is it because there is a black man in your “White” House???

        • no

          hes not even black

        • mixed metaphors

          eff you Payne –it’s because he sends knuckledraggers like you out to fight his battles while he drones whole families

        • Robert Crim

          Anyone who brings up race is the racist. People who are not racist do not care about nor discuss issues of race when dealing with a problem.

        • Vick’s Dog

          Racialist Payne — you are a racist bigot and you do it for what you can steal

        • waltzanne

          He is NOT black!

        • Floyd Hair

          Race has nothing to with it, It has to do with incompetence !!!!!!

  • barnz78

    If we don’t deal with this abuse of power, it will only get worse with the next puppet…IMPEACH AND JAIL TIME

    • tony

      yea, no kiddin…we thought Bush was bad!

  • Richard Vickers

    i already know that any figures the government tries to put out to the public about anything is a lie. That is all this beast does, lie, cheat and steal. oh, forgot murder and torture.

    • imapayne

      Cute avatar. Maybe you should take your own advice and……..THINK

      • mixed metaphors

        perhaps you could star in the next PSA — “Why Indigents Should Just Pull-out”

  • Baron Samedi

    I was going to say it was surprising, but…this is the norm nowadays. Pretty disgusting! Start by throwing this corrupt loser in jail and continue working down the line…

    • lawrence

      you’re going need at least 5 or 6 news authentic tea party candidates voted in the senate in 2014, if they have that many potential elections. you’re going to need 10 new genuine libertarian conservative tea party candidates elected into the senate to start putting these illuminati puppets in jail.

  • mixed metaphors

    they got paid a bonus too– go after them Rand

  • imapayne

    This is on the Rand Paul Review. The same Rand Paul who says he does spread misinformation (lies). A guy who plays Eye Doctor but doesn’t have the backing of the American Ophthalmology

    • mixed metaphors

      he gives great rates to parasites — you certainly would qualify –fact is he was an Eye Doctor serving the Country you have infested

  • Norman Watson

    Example needs to be made now not later because no one really believes that they will go to jail look at Hillary she’s running for President The Butcher of Benghazi, some one needs to go to jail now to prove that we mean business.

    • imapayne

      Beirut Beirut Beirut

      • mixed metaphors

        STD STD STD transmitter — on our dime

  • imapayne
    • mixed metaphors

      Soros can eff himself too

  • imapayne

    Bad news people. This is an old lie that Fox has drudged up again hoping it will catch fire. Y

    • mixed metaphors

      old lie– ha ha ha — just your presence proves otherwise — go fix an election

    • Mike TheVet

      This might be an “old lie,” but it’s an “ongoing lie” as well. RON Paul told us all about the U3 numbers vs the U6 numbers.

  • Norman Watson

    My My My imapayne is the racist card all you got now?Wow that’s not the issue here it’s his incompetent leadership and pompous attitude plus his Lies and deceitfulness.

  • Vick’s Dog

    the media was happy to report the phony numbers too– we all knew what was happening — LIARS

  • Anna Rawson

    Ok… My first thought is… How many zeros does it take to bribe a country?? As long as people stand for nothing these types of things will happen. They might even still considering there are forces that are so evil and full of greed and feel so entitled that they built the country so they own it, that they will stop at nothing for power and control of the masses.

    I just want to know when will the Masses that stand for what it is right in this country Wake up and help stop the crap from happening? We have the power folks! to stop all of it and do it PEACEFULLY!! well peacefully for us at any rate … the rich folks running this country won’t feel like it is peaceful but We have the power and they KNOW it!!

  • willynilly

    she is fucking nuts…infucking insane

  • freepetta

    Oh you mean the stats are all lies, what a surprise. NOT.


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