Rand Paul Sheds Tears Over Marine Wife’s Rape. Her Commander Said She Deserved It For The Way She Dressed

From NYDailyNews:

U.S. Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who stand far apart on the political spectrum, stood side by side Wednesday, tearing up as an ex-Marine described his wife’s rape and struggle for justice.

The Marine, Ben Clay, whose wife, Ariana, herself a former Marine, was attacked while she was stationed at a Marine Corps barracks in Washington. Ben Clay spoke at a news conference with seven other lawmakers who back Gillibrand’s bill to move prosecution of sexual assaults and other crimes outside the military’s chain of command.

  • William Cashman

    Being former military I know that what was said and done here is so true. I fully support measures that would remove the need for commanding officers to perform in a legal capacity. All of the serious cases should be heard by an unbiased third party to remove any possibility of favoritism. I commend the Clay’s for their strength and their service to our country and I hope they can continue to move beyond these horrible and inexcusable events, and that their speaking out will make a difference in the very near future.

  • mixed metaphors

    something like this is an absolute abhorrent incident– The Military is a cross-section/ dichotomy of the USA itself– we have been witnessing race on race assault on a daily basis by some reported here on the net–that goes unacknowledged in the Progressive Press –called Black out games — we have racebaiters who demean Women at every opportunity today in office who could care less– and repeatedly use them as straw man – scape goats

    if the people want equality over liberty– it is time to break down the barriers– it is always the Military that is held to a higher standard when we had a mentally ill President serial rapist serving and now his enabling wife is earmarked by demagoguery alone as “Deserving” the next Presidency– all to cover up the blatant arrogance of the Progressive haters who have taken this same woman’s education benefits from her and consigned her Veterans benefits as a target

    this Country and it’s activism is totally dysfunctional– Progressive America is a scourge — No Soldier Left Behind says Obama’s PSAs — talk is cheap — as cheap as his disgusting disdain for ALL of our Military and Veterans

  • mixed metaphors

    Gee I wonder how many Woman have lost their Healthcare Coverage? — You want action on anything –go straight to the top — working your way up the ladder is just caving in to the ruse that to engage in dissent today is racism

    • onwego4k

      the women gave him their vote sad

      • Repub1mom

        Not ALL women!!!!

  • Zionistout

    Wouldn’t be happening if women weren’t in the military. But hey even the women want to fight and die for the Jews and Israhell. I wonder if Randberg Paulstein cried this much when he went to Israhell and stood near the wailing wall?

    • Mack

      Always end up with at least moron throwing his two cents at people who don’t want to hear it. Stop being stupid and using someone’s pain and living nightmare to voice your hatred. Their story isn’t about race or religion, it’s about the treatment of women in the military and the need for reform of the legal structure that allows these kinds of crimes to happen.

      • T

        Wouldn’t just love to bitch slap this POS???

        • Zionistout

          If you did or tried I would break your arm. That is if you had the courage to ever try. You idiot.

          • jackleg21

            What an anonymous internet tough guy. WE GOT A REAL BADASS OVER HERE GUYS.

          • Zionistout

            I am not the one who brought up violence first, you slack jawed moron.

          • jackleg21

            The first commenter brought up a rhetorical question, you shoved it into the realm of actual violence. But you would never do it, Mr. Internet Tough Guy.

          • Joey Owen


          • Joey Owen


      • Nanette

        Usual trolls, many from the progressives or a Muslim.

        • Zionistout

          Sorry moron. I am a white Caucasian America, If you think its only progressives and Muslims who dislike the Jews evil actions then you are fool. A brain washed twit.

          • Nanette

            LOL! Your true colors are showing..calling names, oh so intelligent. You are disgusting! You hate Jews..that is obvious! Which has nothing to do with the talking points. You are still a troll..I have seen you before and your hatred is always present!

          • Zionistout

            You started with the name calling. Blasting the usual stupidity, of its a troll. I guess by the use of “oh it must be a Muslim” you think must think terrorism is real. That would explain why you are an idiot and you probably believe in the holocaust and Santa Clause as well. Typical dumb ass.

          • Joey Owen


          • Nanette

            REALLY LOL! You are a very small minded and one note person..I did not know calling or “suggesting” someone might be Muslim as calling someone a name..then maybe a “skin-head..what ever, you hate Jews that is for sure. What an odd way to say someone might KNOW that there was a “holocaust” as to say “believe in”. FACTS are just that facts..my father fought in World War ll..little you know or would acknowledge for some “hidden” reason of which you do not share, for a reason! As far as believe “in” Santa Claus..now that shows how very idiotic you are! I believe in Christ. You are really a low-life it would seem. No, it would not be unusual, with any kind reasoning to see.. you go off point, not just here but other places also, “blast Jewish people and Israel”..you are evil and filled with hatred” that is for sure , son of Satan!

          • jackleg21

            You’re a “white Caucasian America”? The whole country? What does that even mean?

          • Joey Owen

            You need to pull your head out of nobama’s ass, put your nobama phone down and get a freakin life. NOW SHUT UP AND MOVE OUT!!

      • Zionistout

        Sorry the only moron here is you. A moron who bought into the Jews propaganda and lies. A moron who believes Randberg Paulstein is someone you can trust. You are just another foolish tool sheeple running around like a moron. Randberg Paulstein is controlled by the Jews. Even his father won’t vouch for him because Ron knows he sold out. He sold his soul to the hook nosed devil in Israhell.

        • Fred Corneliussen

          Educate yourself, or continue living the life of a coward. You speak as though you are a confused skin, who for some unknown reason cannot speak proper english. I find this quite peculiar myself, but in the interest of speaking in terms you may understand, why dont you choke on a bowl of dicks you jaycat punk, and dont talk to me about breaking shit, unlike you I have earned every fuckin tattoo I’ve got, and then I grew up. You speak as though you are hard, but take it from a seasoned vet, you are a fucking idiot. So if you have no legitimate input on the horrible act of which we are reading and speaking on, please leave.

          • Zionistout

            Another stupid goy. Go do some real research your moron. Hope you enjoyed fighting for Jews and opium.

          • Joey Owen


    • Harry Stearns

      May you end up gang-raped in prison…. Oh wait, maybe you already have a boyfriend waiting for you there. You are a racist P.O.S.! I did my 20 years in the military and no service member deserves to be treated like this woman was. She was there defending YOUR right to be the piece of crap that you are!

      • Joey Owen


    • PlaneGuy

      Somebody should drop you in the middle of a Taliban controlled region of Afghanistan, wearing nothing but Speedos… Then let the Taliban rape you… Hopefully to death.

    • onwego4k

      sorry this doesnt make any sense to me at all.

    • Scott Lanz

      Wouldn’t be happening if thugs and ba$tards could keep it in their pants! A male that has to RAPE is not a man, IT is a defective Animal worthy only of CULLING from society!

      Women that are raped are not the culprit or the enticers, they are victims. Too many people think that women shouldn’t be in the military, check the gender ratios in the birthrates in these United States – more females are being born and its been going on for more than a generation. Moreover, Females have the RIGHT and OBLIGATION to assist in the defense of this nation as equal citizens. I know plenty of women that work alongside men in the military and MATCH
      qualities requisite of an exemplary Airman, Soldier, Sailor or Marine. Some of them I have protected against would be rapists because that what REAL MEN do whether its a man or woman in danger.

      Personally, we can easily see that you are a SHIITE for Brains.

    • TEB

      This wouldn’t happen no matter where a woman was if the small percentage of men who rape would be punished properly by locking them up for life since science has shown rapists cannot be reformed. Women have been fighting this forever. For this to stop it will really need to come from good men making it clear that they will not tolerate rapists and and making it clear rapists will be shunned and unaccepted by their whole gender for raping a woman or a child.

    • Joey Owen

      Grow a set and get out of here!

    • fordgal15

      You, sir, are showing your egotism and ignorance.

  • omega2


    • onwego4k

      and the disgusting words he used to discribe her sickening absolutely sickening but this got bad when Bill Clinton got away with doing what he did in the white house he taught the youth of that day oral sex was not sex sad our children learn by what they see not what we say but what we do. god help this nation that it has become so immoral.

    • Rumpled Foreskin


  • william barker

    I know the CO hears your complaint and he may say go away and later that week you may be charged with a crime even if you were not there at the time. If you request a court Marshall the charges go away and you are sent to a place worst then Hell. I know this for fact

    • PlaneGuy

      It is a Court Martial, not a Court Marshall.

      • Joey Owen


        • beezdotcom

          What, we can’t have both justice AND proper grammar?

  • onwego4k

    it goes from the top down and our country even is failing the very ones who fight for our freedoms look at how she was treated shameful and she is forgiving . Godbe with her. wake up people time to take back our govt and put people in that respect our military we need a real commander in chief we havent had one for 5 years now.

  • Donna Marie Becerril

    I had a similar situation with my University, not the Military, it is harder to heal when justice is not served. Victimizing the Victim. May God give wisdom and strength to this family affected by this tragedy.

    • jfox

      I am sorry to hear that Donna. But the rest of your life is about you. You take care of yourself

  • Rob Board

    No woman deserves to be raped no matter where they are and what they are doing. I think it is the right thing to do if all sexual assaults were moved out of the military courts and into civilian courts.

  • jfox

    I believe as a U.S. citizen I have the right to know the name of the commander involved in this incident. Also, the names of those involved in the terribly transparent prosecution and those officers involved in the systematic condoning of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Madam Representative Gillibrand and Mister Representative Paul please make these officers names known to the citizens of America, and also what discipline, if in fact there was any, they received for their actions.

  • fordgal15

    Military takes responsibility for their own and sometimes drop the ball. This should be addressed in civilian courts.

  • hd20nascar

    How come you never hear about this kind of stuff happening at a nude beach?

  • Johnny Dahlin Peterson

    That commander should be raped for being an idiot and a sexist

  • Mariana225

    And who is it that is supposed to be waging a war on women? Where does the ‘Commander in Chief’ stand on this issue? He had no problems expressing his opinion on the Trayvon Martin case, so who is keeping him from speaking out now?


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