Sen. Rand Paul Delivers SOTU Rebuttal

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Senator Rand Paul offered his response to President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address. Paul covered many topics included economic freedom zones, auditing the federal reserve, jobs, poverty, and the false promises of an imperfect government.

“Let me say from the outset, I will work with the President, Democrats, Independents and anyone else who wants to get people back to work and alleviate poverty in our country.”

“In the marketplace, most small businesses fail. If government is to send money to certain people to create businesses, they will more often than not pick the wrong people and no jobs will be created.”

“Government spending doesn’t work. It doesn’t create jobs. Only the democracy of the marketplace can find those capable of creating jobs.”

“I believe in an America with a strong safety net, but one that doesn’t suffocate our resolve to better ourselves and our country.”

“The ticket to the middle class is not higher taxes on the very businesses that must create the jobs.”

“Economic growth will come when we lower taxes for everyone, especially people who own businesses and create jobs.”

“We must choose a new way, a way that empowers the individual through education and responsibility to earn a place alongside their fellow Americans in the most prosperous nation ever conceived.” [source]

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  • donshoemaker

    HB/SB76 is a horrible bill , so why allow it to advertise on here >???

  • Steve

    Thank you Rand Paul! You are a true American!

  • Anthony Poirier

    Wow, invoking “Reagonomics” was not the way you should’ve started this speech. And citing Bush’s calamitous handling of the Great recession was not the second best way either. Up here in Canada, governed by Conservatives, we abandoned the “let the market sort itself out” foolishness that Republicans keep trying to sell, as Rand Paul would say, failed over and over again. Lower corporate taxes proved already that it does not create jobs, just increases greed.

    • TJefferson44

      Greed, given rein in the human heart, not “lower corporate taxes, is what increases greed, moron!

      • raycathode

        It is the desire for something (what you call greed) that encourages the actions required to earn something. Without self-interest (greed), none of us would have anything, because nobody would be motivated to work.

        • Kibber_SF

          You don’t have to be greedy to want to eat. You don’t have to be greedy to want to wear clean clothes. You don’t have to be greedy to want a roof over your head that you can call your own. You just have to want to survive…I work to survive…

          • raycathode

            What does greed mean? It means to desire something for the self. Know you don’t have to be greedy to desire to eat, that hunger is driven by your body – but it takes ACTION to satisfy that hunger, and you do have a self-interest in satisfying that need – it allows you to continue to live. Just as you have a physical need for clothing – but that need never has and never will produce that clothing (just as it will never produce food) – only intelligent action will do that – and those actions taken to satisfy that need ARE self-interested. Feelings and other passive states come automatically, the actions to satisfy the needs that they are signs of, are not. Satisfying one’s needs (or anyone else’s) requires intelligent action and that is not automatic. “I work to survive…” – that is not a self-interested act? What could possibly of more selfish interest than one’s own survival? And if you want to voluntarily help others, step one is, don’t be a burden on them – look after the requirements of your own survival first – with your surplus – do for others if you wish – but even then do it intelligently lest you take away the incentive of others to do for themselves – in other words, don’t take away their ability to survive on their own – to do so is the greatest evil you may inflict on another person..

          • Kibber_SF

            Ah, here’s the confusion…greed is not “desire something for the self” it is the want of more than ones needs…Extreme desire would be lust…another sin…God said desire was ok [Genesis 1:31] desire is what drives the human spirit to be a better person

          • raycathode

            Well, if greed does not mean desire something for the self, what term does? But this is good. So it is not self-interest, or selfishness that you are finding evil, but ‘extreme’ desires. So then an example an ‘extreme desire’ would be lust – but perhaps not as in a ‘lust for one’s own wife’ – perhaps because one finds her wonderfully desirable. But if avidity IS the problem, then perhaps you would also object to a greed for knowledge, or a lust for justice, or a hunger to help others? Perhaps it is the implied avidity of the term that upsets you (and many others). So ‘extreme desire’ – but ‘extreme desire’ does not always equate to lust, surely – what about a thirst for justice, or honor, or integrity, or honesty – would those be bad because, on a Bell curve, one desired them more than the average Joe in say, Nigeria? Surely, if one believed in a noble god, a god of righteousness, that god would desire man to have a hunger to do right, a thirst for justice, a craving to behave nobly, a fervent need to choose reason over force, to strive with every breath to do better and be better, surely such urgent needs would be honored by a profoundly moral supreme being? Surely Jesus was extreme in the pursuit of virtue? Surely, if it is true that all the values that man needs for his survival, flourishing, and happiness need to be produced, surely the people who produce in abundance deserve a special place among us? Surely such people do more for mankind than those who whine and do nothing but demand that others do for them? What great evil have men committed when they become fountainheads of production that make it possible for thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of others to have better lives, perhaps even enable others even to live? By why must what such people do be measured against the happiness of others before one can say they are good? Why is one’s goodness not measured by the standard of one’s own life? Why is something only good if I do it for others, and not for myself – when it is ultimately the same physical act?

          • Kibber_SF

            I believe in nature and in nature the ignorant die. We, as a society (damn there’s that socialist word), protect our ignorant, our sick and diseased because we have a trait called compassion. Just because you can produce, create or invent something of need or desire doesn’t give you the right to operate with a drive of “give me more, more, more”. There has to be a point where enough IS enough. And as you asked why should someone have to do good to be good, they don’t. The measure of a man is done within. To thine ownself be true! I do for others what I can and I do it without the knowledge of others, I do it for me! People can call me what they want or think of me in any light they want, I know who I am and I am good with me today…Thank you for a good conversation in which I think we both learned and without rude comments but I am off to place an old friend to rest. He was a good dog…

    • Joe Grosse

      You may have your opinion when you pay our taxes and show me your green card till then go broom the ice.

    • raycathode

      Wow, that is such a reversal of facts that it is mind blowing. The Conservatives in Canada did far more of the “let the market sort it out” than they did in the US and the result is one of the best economic records in the world over the length of this recession. Rand Paul did not cite Bush (at least not in any positive way) at all in this speech – he did criticize the enormous over spending on the Bush/Obama bailouts and “job creation” that have been such an abysmal failure. It is the government that caused this recession through over-expansion of the money supply and low interest rates, and has managed to keep the US in the mire by continuing it.

    • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

      Interesting.. you seem so well informed about the United State, and have kidded yourself into understanding what goes on in Canada. You live in a socialistic government… And you think you can tell people who live in a republic what they ought to do..

      What I think you should do is ask all those who come south to get out of conservative socialism in Canada to come back up there. See how well that’s responded to..

      • Anthony Poirier

        They are coming back to Canada, in droves. We have tons of good jobs available. In fact, we’re even shipping Mexicans up here to fill in some of them. Our pay is better, our healthcare is better (ridiculously cheaper anyway) Our environmental record is better. Our pay equality is better. Our regulated markets and banks are better. You say “Socialism” like it’s a bad word. Hell, we love it. If your media would stop trying to brainwash you into thinking it’s a worse way in life than Capitalism, you’d all jump on the wagon too. The only thing that America kicks our ass in, is we’re heavily taxed, which is one of many reasons our economy surpassed yours years ago. But still, it hurts.

        • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

          None of what you say is true…I suspect that you are just some pundit, that has a script to promote. I have quite a few connections in Canada, when I showed them you response. Most said you are just a drunk..

          • Anthony Poirier

            Everything I said is true, I fucking live here, DUH!! Don’t know what “Canadians” you showed this to, but probably unemployed Newfies, self-centered Ontarians, or the arrogant fucken Quebecois. Or maybe some NDP supporters who haven’t worked a decent day in their lives.

    • Gunslick

      You fuckin Canadians are the most brain washed people in the world. Your government has screwed you to the point of no return, and you people just keep taking it up the ass, and you seem to like it… hmmmmm. Your crooked politicians take the majority of your money, and then tell you, you have to wait six months for an MRI when you have cancer… well, I guess it would be cheaper for the government to just let you die. Don’t EVER tell an American that you think you have it better up there than we do. We are just trying NOT to become as screwed up as your politicans have screwed up Canada, and brain washed you “better than thou” Canadians in general.

      • Anthony Poirier

        NOT trying to be as screwed up as Canada? HAHAHAHA, that’s fucking hilarious, HAHAHA. Your unemployment is twice ours, You have more homeless people than we have ACTUAL people (Who were shielded against the mortgage crisis because of strict regulation) We’ve had 117 murders by firearm up here in 2013, compared to 13.500 down in the States (even with per capita included, that’s over a 100-1 ratio) and you think we’re more screwed up than you? HAHAHAHAHA

  • Sonny bravo

    He should be our next POTUS

  • AlienatedToo

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