10 Reasons You Should Oppose Common Core

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Some politicians have joined the fight against the national takeover of education under the Common Core banner.

Rand Paul said this in April:

“I don’t think really the curriculum ought to be nationalized,” Paul said about Common Core. “I think each state can handle education better than the federal government. The same way that the federal government doesn’t know whether you are a good teacher or not, they also don’t know what curriculum is the best. I think more innovation would be by giving more freedom to the states and localities. So, I’m for less federal control of education and more local control.”

Rand Paul also joined a group of 7 other Conservative Senators who opposed Common Core and have since worked to defund the program.

Eight U.S. senators have signed onto Sen. Chuck Grassley’s (R-Iowa) fight to defund the Common Core State Standard’s Initiative. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).

Most states were encouraged (or coerced) into agreeing to Common Core standards before they even knew what those standards would be. If states refuse, they run the risk of losing out on funding from the Federal Government. These 8 Senators took issue with “the fact implementation of the Common Core was done in a way to circumvent a requirement restricting the federal government from involvement in the implementation of education standards and assessments at the state level.”

Below are ten more reasons from Freedom Works on why Common Core education standards are an absolute disaster for our country’s children, parents, and teachers.

1. Common Core is a federal takeover of education 

The ultimate goal of Common Core is to have every school district follow the same national standards. This is a failed educational approach that will undermine educational quality and choice. States and local communities better know how to design standards based on their students and parents’ needs than Washington bureaucrats.

2. Common Core is Bad for Parents

Parents will not have a say in their child’s education under Common Core. They will not be able to suggest changes to their local school’s standards or enroll their child in another public school with better standards. Common Core would limit parental choice and shut their voices out of their child’s education.

3. Common Core is Bad for Teachers

Teachers would have little control over their classrooms under Common Core. They will be forced to comply with standards decided upon by federal bureaucrat. This leaves little to no room for teachers to innovate to meet the unique needs of their students.

4. Common Core is Bad for Taxpayers

Common Core has a hefty price tag that will be paid by taxpayers in states. Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction estimates that Common Core will cost the state$300 million. California Department of Education estimates it will cost $759 million to implement the nationalized standards.   Common Core will cost taxpayers a lot of money while not improving education quality.

5. Common Core is Bad for Students

Common Core is a one-size-fits-all education policy that assumes every students learns exactly the same. A top down and centrally controlled standards will hurt students’ creativity and learning.  Good education policy realizes that all students have different learning styles, preferences, and paces.

6. Common Core Violates Privacy 

The Race to the Top Grants associated with Common Core violates privacy by “data mining” information about students that will follow them the rest of their lives. The information collected is more than just test scores and academic progress. Common Core will trackinformation on religious practices, political beliefs, “sex behaviors and attitudes”, and more.

7. Common Core Resembles Failed No Child Left Behind Program

A main criticism of the failed No Child Left Behind program is that teachers “teach the test.” This means that students are memorizing rather than learning and critical thinking about information. Common Core would resemble No Child Left Behind by requiring students to take national standardized tests to measure their progress.

8. Common Core is Unconstitutional 

The federal government should not control education. Since education is not specifically listed in the Constitution, the authority over education should be left up to the states and the people. This allows localities from New York City to rural Alabama to design unique curriculums that are best for their students.

9. Common Core Will Require Some States to Move Backwards

Some states have advanced standards that are designed with students and parents in mind. Sandra Stotsky, a professor at the University of Arkansas, who served on the committee to validate Common Core standards said, “The standards dumb American education down by about two grades worth.”   Some states would have to move their standards backwards to comply with Common Core standards.

10. Common Core Is a Failed Education Approach 

Washington has tried one-size-fits-all education approaches time and time again. Centralized education programs have not worked and will never work. The quality of education has only declined over the past few decades. The solution is to get the federal government out of the education business.


Julie Borowski has gained some degree of internet fame with her her entertaining videos about libertarianism. You can see more of her stuff here.


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