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  • Rand Paul Hones Presidential Strategy

    Rand Paul Hones Presidential Strategy

    From Kentucky.com: As Kentucky junior Sen. Rand Paul and about 35 Louisa Rotarians bowed their heads before lunch last Thursday, the preacher led the crowd in praying for wisdom and guidance. He was talking about a possible run by Paul for the White House in 2016. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the new Tea Party darling and Senate pariah following this month’s government shutdown, might have won this week’s battle for headlines with a red-meat speech in Iowa on Friday night, […]

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  • GOP In Tug Of War Over Delegate Rule

    GOP In Tug Of War Over Delegate Rule

    Remember back when President Bill Clinton argued that his truthfulness about his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky depended on the meaning of the word “is”? Thought so. Though the topic may be decidedly less salacious, the Republican Party is embroiled in its own semantics gymnastics this week as its national committee members gather in Boston for their summer meeting. The imbroglio playing out Thursday is over the swap of the word “may” for the word “shall” — and how that […]

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